I’m going into my fourth and last year at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo majoring in Art and Design with a Graphic Design concentration. I am originally from El Monte, CA (LA area). I moved to San Luis Obispo to pursue my BFA. After college, I plan on moving back to SoCal to start my career in graphic design and marketing.

My graphic design and marketing experience comes from my classes, leadership/campus involvement, and as a Graphic Designer and Marketing Coordinator in the industry. When I am not in the library or the design studio, I can be found carrying my camera to explore the beautiful city of San Luis Obispo or go on photography adventures to both Los Angeles and the Bay Area with my friends. I am a very food-oriented person; whenever I have the chance, I would try new restaurants in the 626 area or anywhere I end up going. To further my knowledge, I love learning new languages and computer programs.

While attending college, I am learning to appreciate my personal and professional growth through opportunities and experiences. I also learned to love and care about myself and the people that have shaped me as an individual.

More about me…

  • I am interning at Kaiser Permanente in Burbank as a Graphic Design Intern this summer.

  • I once busted a mission to SF to meet my favorite Instagram pupper, Maya the Mini Dachshund! 110% I would do it again.

  • I have two cats in LA — one named Mango (the older brother), and the other one named Miso (the baby sister).

  • My favorite show is Rick and Morty. Pickle Rick!

  • My favorite movies include Marvel and Disney movies.

  • My biggest success story was curing my 6+ years severe acne in 1.5 years.